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Offering Wholesale Specialty Coffee to Meet your Business Needs

Specialty Coffee is the top 1% of all coffee produced in the world. The best of the best.
When roasted and prepared properly you’ll notice the difference in every cup. . .

Our Priorities


As members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) it is our priority to bring you only the best. Each coffee is small-batch craft roasted to bring out each of our coffee’s unique flavor profiles. Small-batch roasting ensures freshness, roasting only what is needed each week for our guests and clients. We offer guidance and training on handling and preparation, based on your needs, to ensure your coffee experience is the best it can be.


We will always have a desire to know and care for all of our guests and clients.


As members of both the Huntingdon community and the international coffee community we are committed to caring for them and their continued growth.


We work hard to ensure that our coffee and our coffee growers’ practices are as sustainable as possible..

What We Can Do For You
Standing Stone Coffee Company began as a Café and Roastery, roasting coffee to meet the needs of our espresso bar and café. As a result, we’ve come to understand the ins and outs of a coffee and food business.

As restaurants and bed and breakfasts, you work hard to create a quality experience and lasting impression for your guests. Ending the meal with poor quality coffee may leave your guests wanting.

Our Services Include:

  • Providing fresh-roasted specialty coffee to your guests
  • Developing a coffee menu
  • Training in espresso and coffee brewing techniques
  • Assistance in selling coffee effectively
  • Pairing coffee and food for an integrated menu
  • Easy storage and brewing solutions
  • Unique brewing options for a quality experience
    and distinguished cup
  • Suggestions on quality brewing equipment

Freshness Matters

Many store-bought coffees seal in the freshness by injecting the coffee with nitrogen as a preservative. It smells great once the bag is opened, but the staleness reveals itself in 3-4 days as the gasses are released.

Because Standing Stone coffee is roasted the week you order it, it is preservative-free and will stay fresh up to two weeks after opening the bag.

Share the Coffee Story

All of our quality coffees come with their own stories of origin that guests love to learn about.
It helps connect them to where their food comes from and the people that made it possible.

Located nearby in Huntingdon, PA, by drinking our coffee we can help connect your guests to the region. Join us at the shop to watch and learn about the roasting process first-hand.

Contact Us to Learn More
Our focus is on relationships. Please contact us with questions regarding your wholesale needs.
We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you and your establishment.

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