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Coffee University

We take coffee pretty seriously around here. Not just because it is a great way to open people's eyes to quality food and the unique variations of aromas and flavors found in coffee. We also see coffee as a great way to help connect people to the broader global flow of food in the world. The story of coffee doesn't just start with the shelf at the local grocery store. It has a rich and very complex international story, where the very livelyhoods and lifestyles of people around the world depend on a system of international trade and environmental stewardship. Our hope is to share that story with you.

One of the ways we're doing that is through a table tent series called "What's in a Cup." These share a variety of interesting facts about the culinary intricacies and cultural implications of coffee.

Click here to view this series online.

* The main avenue for telling the story of coffee is through Coffee University. It's a series of fun and interactive "classes" where you get to learn about different aspects of the coffee world. Check out our events list of what classes we're currently offering. We'll keep track of your attendance. Once you take all of our classes we'll recognize you as a true coffee officianado.

The World of Coffee: The History, Economics and Current Events of Coffee - (2hrs)
Cost: Free
Coming in as the second largest traded commodity in the world (oil being the 1st) coffee comes with a fascinating history involving the very rising and falling of empires. Known as "Black Gold" coffee also has a sketch past and present when it comes to labor practices, market control, environmental stewardship and international decision making a trends. Join us for a morning conversation that affects millions of lives who are both making and partaking in this fascinating beverage, while sipping some of our own favorite brews.

Intro to Coffee Cupping - (2hrs)
Cost: $5.00
Looking for a unique night out? Come learn about the nuances and qualities of coffee and how it ends up in your cup. You'll have the opportunity to practice the coffee sampling technique called "cupping," while sipping on some of Standing Stone's favorites. Light desserts will also be provided.

Intro to Espresso - (1.5hrs)
Cost: $5.00
Join us at the bar for a tasty class on espresso. We will cover the history, culture and process of developing the perfect espresso. And of course there will be samples and demonstrations involved, including our own explorations into Latte Art and developing fresh new drinks. Class size is limited to 6.

Home Brewing Techniques - (2hrs)
Cost: $5.00
Are you wanting to know how to brew the best coffee you can at home? Or are you interested in alternative brewing techniques than your normal drip brew machine? Join us to learn about the art and options for quality home brewing. We'll cover alternative brewing options, getting the most out of your cup, and how to choose a coffee or coffees right for you and your guests. There will be taste testing and a light dessert provided.

Roasting Demonstration - (2hrs)
Cost: $5.00
Learn more about how coffee moves from farm to cup while engaging in a series of roasts at the shop. Sip coffees from different origins and learn about the decisions that went into the hows and whys we roast our coffees the way we do. We'll also discuss in more detail the differences between coffee labeling from Fair Trade to Rain Forest Alliance, and washed arabica to triple-picked peaberry.

Coffee Cupping 201: Making Your Own Blend - (2hrs)
Cost: $5.00
For those of you who have gone through the Intro to Cupping class, this is an opportunity to gather in round table and take your coffee tasting skills to the next level. You will have the opportunity to practice what you learned in the first class and cup a variety of coffees of your choice, and then see what happens when you start blending those tastes and aromas together. Light desserts will be provided.