Standing Stone Coffee

Our Coffee Offerings

Central America
     Mexico (Decaf)
South America
     Ethiopia Sidamo
     Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Dry Processed
     Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Washed Processed

SSCC Blends
     Breakfast Blend
     House Blend
     Espresso Blend
     On the Job Blend

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Something for Everyone

We are committed to offering a creative coffee menu with coffees representing every growing region in the world. We also offer coffees with a variety of roast profiles and can assist with finding the right coffee to fit your needs.

Craft-Roasted In-House

Our coffees are craft-roasted to bring out the unique flavor profiles naturally found in the beans. We roast our coffee fresh weekly. No preservatives are added that could negatively impact a coffee's freshness and flavor.

Coffee with a Conscience

Every coffee we carry has a story. It is important that we know that each of our coffees come to us with a clear conscience. This means each worker in the production chain and the environment itself from which the coffee has been harvested is cared for.