Standing Stone Coffee

As a Community

The heart of our business is more than just a cup of coffee or the exchange of a dollar.

Below are three of our core values as well as some links to some tangible ways we are working to live them out.

Welcome everyone and value every relationship - As we see our business as a community member it is our goal to be a neighbor and friend to all who enter our door. This is also worked out as we value all of our business partnerships in town and around the world.

Seek excellence in the stewardship of the business - Pursue practices of limiting product waste, use biodegradable and recycled material whenever possible, conserve and use our resources wisely, value and care for our employees and partners, and employ the newest techniques of energy conservation.

See ourselves as a committed part of the larger community - Our community is more than just our neighborhood or our town. As part of a global society our products come from across the nation and around the world, we are just as responsible to them as we are to our immediate neighbors. This means our co-laborers and larger community deserves fair wages, and working to ensure they have similar opportunities for a fullness of life.

Below are links to some specific ways we are working to meet our goals: