Standing Stone Coffee

About Standing Stone Coffee Company

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Our Mission

We are committed to creating a unique space for anyone to come, have quality and creative food and drink, share some thoughts, listen and learn, and be in community with their neighbor.

Core Values

We will . . .
  • Welcome everyone and value every relationship
  • Seek excellence in the stewardship of the business
  • See ourselves as a committed part of the larger community
  • Pursue creativity and craftsmanship in the food and drink we prepare

At Standing Stone Coffee Co., we want our customers to have a valued experience every time they step in the door. Whether it be watching us roast our fresh coffee, Coffee Beans catching up with an old friend, trying a new daily special, tackling the laundry over the lunch hour, or simply having space to read or study, from the minute you walk in we want you to feel like you have found a second home.

Go to our Staff listing to learn more about our incredible crew that makes it all possible.